Because of its central location, CHDC serves the entire state, providing comprehensive specialized services including Medical, Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Orthotics.
Community Services Provided through CHDC
1. Continuum of Services Program
2. Client Outreach Program (Residential & Non-Residential Services)
3. Member Faulkner County Council (Providing Community Supported Work)
4. Residential COP Services
In addition to employment services, domestic and personal skill training occurs in this centralized location.
Residential capacity is 616 including respite and outreach services. 
The Conway Human Development Center has demonstrated a commitment to help individuals achieve their highest potential and to improve the quality of their lives in the community as much as possible.
Today, our staff has over 1,200 dedicated employees who make up five developmental teams, each consisting of up to eight homes, serving the Center's citizens.
CARF ( The Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission )