About The Conway Human Development Center

Services In General

The Conway Human Development Center opened its doors to admit the first client in 1959. The former name was the Arkansas Childrens Colony. CHDC is the first and largest of the six Arkansas residential facilities for people with developmental disabilities.
We currently have 1,175 staff that support 484 people with severe and profound mental retardation, many of whom also have physical disabilities. The majority of individuals are adults.
The Center is divided into five developmental teams and individuals are placed according to their skills and abilities:
The Total Care Team works with people who are medically fragile and who require 24-hour nursing services. Most of  the individuals are non-ambulatory, non-verbal, and lack  basic self-help skills.
The Intensive Training Team serves people who have few self-care skills, some are ambulatory and many have visual and/or hearing impairments.
The Individual Assistance Team works with people who are mostly ambulatory, have developed some self-help skills, and some have communication ability.
The Sheltered Living Team provides training in functional academics, social skills, and work training.
The Habilitation and Training Team works with individuals toward functional academics, habilitation and in work training to prepare them for employment and small group living arrangements. Many individuals have jobs at CHDC or in the community.
Each team provides speech, physical and occupational therapy, psychological and social services, music therapy, and dietary evaluations. Medical care is provided around-the-clock by a staff of doctors, nurses, and other professionals. Dental, pharmaceutical, audiological, laboratory, and x-ray services are available on-site with referrals to community services made routinely.
All school-age residents attend special education classes monitored by the State Department of Education.
Community Support

Services go beyond the Center with several CHDC community outreach programs:
The Continuum of Services Program extends counseling, therapy, psychological and intellectual evaluations, job placement assistance, parent training, crisis intervention, and many other services to emotionally and physically challenged people residing in Faulkner County.
The Client Outreach Program offers intensive treatment for people who exhibit severe behavior problems and is intended to allow families to remain intact by avoiding long-term alternate placement. The program offers either non-residential or short-term residential placement depending on each person's needs
The Faulkner County Council on Developmental Disabilities was a CHDC initiative in 1984 designed to identify, plan for, and implement services not otherwise available in Faulkner County. The Council had managed grants totaling $250,000.
Respite Care is available for people with developmental disabilities to provide relief for families for short periods.
Crisis Abatement Care is for individuals in Medicaid Waiver treatment programs who are in jeopardy of losing their placement because of severe behavior problems. 'The maximum stay at CHDC is 30 days.
Originally developed for individuals residing at CHDC, the Seating Clinic/Orthotic Services now provides assessments for proper body alignment and comfortable seating in wheelchairs to persons statewide.
Diagnostic Evaluations are conducted for consumers statewide to augment services and admission requirements to various residential programs.